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Castle Jumper

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Product Description

The inflatable Castle Jumper house it is often referred to the pioneering product of inflatable Jumpers . This classic castle Jumper is recognized by everyone, whether they have enjoyed one themselves. The castle Jumper made from 18.5-ounce PVC-coated vinyl. You don't need to worry about any wrecks with the strong walls keeping those kiddos bouncing securely inside. A bounce house with everything, it includes a 1.0-HP air blower, tarp, convenient patch kit with glue, and anchor spikes to keep it tied down

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Unit Specifics

1 Air Blower
Air Flow Zipper
Anchoring Spikes
Basketball Hoop
Business Card Holder
Fire Resistant
Lead Free
Patch Kit
Safety Rules
Model Number: B135
Dimensions: 13L x 13W x 14H
Alternate Size: 15L x 15W x 14H
Indoor: Yes
Outdoor: Yes
Warranty: 3.5 years