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Inflatable Movie Screen

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Size 4: $3195

Product Description

Includes everything you need except the projector

SIZE 01:
Width: 20 FT Height: 18 FT
Screen Size: 12FT x 7FT

SIZE 02:
Width: 24 FT Height: 20 FT
Screen Size: 16FT x 9FT

SIZE 03:
Width: 27 FT Height: 22 FT
Screen Size: 20FT x 11FT

SIZE 04:
Width: 35 FT Height: 26 FT
Screen Size: 25FT x 14FT

SIZE 05:
Width: 40 FT Height: 30 FT
Screen Size: 30FT x 17FT

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Unit Specifics

1 Air Blower
Air Flow Zipper
Anchoring Spikes
Business Card Holder
Fire Resistant
Lead Free
Patch Kit
Safety Rules
Model Number: I155
Indoor: Yes
Outdoor: Yes
Warranty: 3.5 years
Availability: In Stock